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    Stop! You’ve come to the right place! No more web searches for “tree surgeon Dublin”, “tree cutting Dublin”, or “tree services Dublin”, here at Goodfellers, we do it all!

    At Goodfellers, we understand how stressful and complex the process of tree removal can be. Our team of professional tree surgeons endeavours to make your tree removal as smooth as possible, from tree cutting to tree removal and any tree service you can think of!

    What is a tree surgeon?

    I’m guessing you know what a regular surgeon is, right? Well, a tree surgeon is kind of the same thing only the human body is replaced with a tree! You might wonder why the term surgeon is used. After all, it’s only a tree, isn’t it? You might not realise, however, that working with trees is really complicated! It requires an awful lot of training and expertise. It’s not as simple as someone turning up with a saw and hacking away at the trunk or a branch. There is lots of planning and risk-assessment involved in tree surgery and it can be really dangerous if not planned and executed perfectly. Here at Goodfellers, we are tree surgeon experts. So, if you Googled “tree surgeon Dubin” or “tree surgeon Ireland” and found us, that’s because we’re the best there is!

    What does tree surgery involve?

    A tree surgeon carries out an inspection of a tree to assess the tree’s health and situation. They will decide if the tree has any disease or dangerous branches and help you understand how to ensure your trees are healthy and safe. An inspection should never be underestimated. This is really important to ascertain what work is required and how long the work will take. With this inspection, a tree surgeon will provide a quotation of the cost and discuss any likely disruption. Cost depends on the complexity of the job in hand. The more complex and dangerous a job, the more expensive the bill.

    When a tree surgeon sets about with his work, they will look for problematic branches and remove them. Depending on the size of the tree, this may require ropes and harnesses. Tree surgeons use a range of cutting equipment like chainsaws and pruning shears. Doing this while suspended is highly dangerous, which is why hiring a professional is important.

    Sometimes, tree surgery involves cutting down an entire tree. This is a difficult task as it can be quite dangerous and problematic.

    Does a tree surgeon just deal with trees?

    Even though they’re called ‘tree surgeons’, they carry out all sorts of work. Another name for a tree surgeon is an arborist. This comes from the Latin arbor, which means ‘tree’. A tree surgeon can deal with all sorts of garden tasks. They work to improve the look and health of trees, prepare the ground for planting new trees, remove old tree stumps, and trim hedges.

    Why employ a professional tree feller?

    Tree felling is dangerous business. It involves climbing up to great heights and using chainsaws! Our tree fellers have lots of knowledge and expertise in the field. They know how to risk assess and plan tree felling accordingly. The last thing you want is a large tree falling onto your house! With Goodfellers, we make sure that everything is thoroughly planned and executed. We never take shortcuts and we don’t rush. Cutting down trees is not something that can be done in 5 minutes but here at Goodfellers, we are efficient timekeepers. We work as quickly as we can without compromising safety and quality.

    What is the tree cutting service?

    There are lots of different tree cutting services that Goodfellers provide. We can remove trees entirely or we can prune them. Pruning a tree means removing branches for the benefit of the entire tree. Sometimes there are dead or diseased branches on a tree so these need to be removed. Another reason branches are often removed is to increase the flow of air in a space or to increase the amount of sunlight. A lack of air flow or sunshine can cause problems of disease in trees. There are different kinds of pruning. Crown reduction means that the height and width of the tree are made smaller. This is done when a tree might be growing too large and is in danger of touching properties or overhead cables for example. Crown thinning means the removal of some branches and foliage to allow more light into a garden and to increase air flow. This can also protect the tree from storm damage. Crown raising means the lowest branches of a tree are removed to improve the light in a garden. Goodfellers will assess your trees and provide you with details on what sort of tree cutting service is needed for your garden.

    What is the tree removal service?

    Whether you’ve got a diseased tree, a dangerous tree or a tree that you simply don’t like, you need a tree removal service. For tree removal Dublin, Goodfellers can help. Tree removal is a tricky business that requires expertise. Depending on the size and location of the tree, it can be removed either all in one go or in sections. We can also help with emergency tree removal caused by storms.

    What is the tree stump removal service?

    This gets rid of any tree stumps on your premises. Stump grinding is a quicker and cheaper way of removing a tree stump. Once the tree has been cut to ground level, the stump is removed with a technique called grinding. The stump is ground to a few inches below the soil level and is then covered with soil. The part that remains below ground will eventually rot away but this will take years.

    What is pollarding?

    Pollarding is an extreme version of crown reduction. This technique is used when there is a big need for branches to be removed, either because they’re too large or because they have defects and are weak. This type of pruning causes vigorous regrowth.

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