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Hedge Trimming
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Hedge Trimming Services

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Will your hedges need to be trimmed? In case your hedge needs a short back and sides, our group of specialists has years of experience to form hedges. We have friendly hedge trimmers all over Dublin who can sculpt your hedges in whatever style you like Goodfellers has extensive experience in all kinds of hedge trimming, from formative to maintenance trimmings. For the first two years of newly planted hedges, we suggest formative pruning. Subsequent maintenance trimming is followed by two or three occasions a year for informal hedges and a much more organized formal hedge. Expert hedge trimming keeps the hedges thick, compact and can help reduce the risk of disease. We are specialized in excellent hedge care and handling. Hedge cutting is actually a professional skill and we encourage you to consult an expert for personal protection. Hedge trimming definitely is an art. While it appears to be a simple activity, hedge trimming can have disastrous consequences if done by an unskilled operator. The tentation is also to keep trimming when it really takes the form in the hedge to produce an esthetically pleasing final product.

Good Fellers are experts in hedge trimming, we can trim your hood with precision and precision to almost any shape.

We can hack, shape or hack any hedge that we can imagine! We may cuts small feature hairs to large conifers as well as other shrubs.

Our team will work closely with you and follow your detailed directions to achieve the desired results. You can turn any hedge in your garden into a masterpiece with our assistance.

Set hedges need to be trimmed to keep them thick and compact. Formal hedges require more trimming than informal hedges. We work on all types of hecks, from coniferous or mixed hecks to typical heels.

We will advise and manage hedge maintenance plans and all forms of hedge trimming, hedge reduction and hedge elimination. We can also preserve your topiaries and even supply our suppliers with new hedges for replantation.

For exceptionally high and complex ventures, we have cherry pickers and related telescopic tailoring equipment and can function on all styles and measurements of hedges.

We’re proud to deliver the best hedge trimming service to customers in London and always maintain 100% satisfaction and affordability.

When it pertains to overgrown hedge trimming and reduction, precision is key. Our teams are trained experts and specialise in dead hedge elimination, thick bushes and tough to reach hedge cutting. With over 10 years experience in commercial and residential hedge upkeep you can count on GoodFellers to bring out any official hedge trimming, whilst taking your guidelines into consideration.

Being a certified chainsaw and wood-chipper operators we have the ability to finish all hedge cutting projects efficiently and cost-effectively each time. Along with hedge decrease services we also provide topiary trimming services for pot plants, garden hedges or flowerpot all around Dublin.

We understand that hedge trimming is frequently needed in severe circumstances and we value our clients time, for that reason all hedge trimming services are treated with priority during season. By keeping your hedges in check you will prevent disputes with neighbours, local councils and highway authorities.

The greatest issue brought on by overgrown hedge is traffic or pedestrian pathway blockage and according to brand-new High Hedges Legislation, owners have to lower it below 6.5 ft (2m) in order to be certified. Don’t wait till you face a fine from authorities and give us a call for a FREE guidance and we will do the finest we can to come up with financially practical hedge trimming service for you.

Gardeners Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming might end up being one of the most challenging parts when looking after your garden. It frequently takes longer than you have thought of and completion result might not be what you expected specifically if you are not familiar with the trimming. If you are looking to make sure that the hedge trimming and pruning will be dealt with in the finest possible way, working with gardening professionals such as GoodFellers would be the finest option for you. Only one call to 0858281017 to make certain that the task will be done properly.

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