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You might've found several trees with an odd look as you walked the streets and parks of Dublin during the winter. The branches that are declining are very dense and typically have a peculiar bulbous finish, with several thin branches that are like twigs that extend vertically. This tree cutting technique is called pollarding. Tree Pollarding may be a crop maintenance strategy, exactly where a young tree's primary stem is cut to facilitate regrowth. The regeneration which happens then can often be removed (re-pollarding) back to exactly the same point (pollard head). Pollarding a tree requires an professional tree company properly. Dublin has plenty, just like us. When you decide on Goodfellers to pollute your trees, our specialist tree surgeons will give you a individual, pleasant and efficient service. For our successful and clean operating strategies, we are completely insured and listed. After tree pollarding, the tree needs to be recycled at intervals of 3-5 years.

Tree pollarding is a pruning system where the upper branches of a tree are removed, promoting a dense head of foliage and branches. It has been typical in Europe given that middle ages times and is practised today in city locations worldwide consisting of in Dublin, mainly to preserve trees at a fixed height.

Our expert Dublin Tree surgeons will have the ability to advise you about the kinds of trees that do well as pollards, these include broadleaved types such as beeches, oaks, maples, horse chestnuts, limes and Dublin aircraft trees, a couple of conifers such as yews are also suitable.

Tree Pollarding in Dublin

We have specialist tree surgeons all over Dublin to bring out heavy pruning operations such as pollarding
Whilst strolling the streets and parks of Dublin during the winter season, you may have seen some trees with an unusual look. The lower branches are exceptionally thick, typically with a curious round end, with many thin twig-like branches growing vertically from the ends. This approach of pruning a tree is called pollarding.

Pollarding is a method of tree management where the primary leading stem of a young tree is removed to encourage regrowth. The regrowth that then occurs can be frequently removed (re-pollarding) back to the same point (the pollard head).

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Pollarding is a pruning system involving the removal of the upper branches of a tree

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Why Pollarding is Required

In cities and towns, it is primarily decorative– it looks neat and keeps trees at or listed below a particular height. In the photo above, you can see that the trees, if delegated grow un-pollarded, will soon shut out the light from the upper floor flats along with the ground floor. There are also benefits for the tree and for security.

Pollarding creates a thick canopy of energetic new development which looks appealing and develops less shade. Since the leaf-carrying branches are thin, there is less crown weight and therefore less wind resistance and of course less to fall on the heads of passers by! The act of pollarding a tree also is stated to increase its life-span as it keeps the tree in a partially young state.

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