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Despite best shots, there are naturally celebrations when a tree requires to be removed for security reasons. It may be because of infection or rot or it may be leaning precariously near to cable televisions, highways or rail track.

Tree Felling
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Goodfellers Tree Felling Services

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Is there an unsightly tree in your garden that you want to get rid of? Goodfellers has you covered!

Tree felling is one of the services that we offer at Goodfellers. We understand that trees can become a hazard on your property if they become unstable, and you might need to remove them before anything can happen. You might simply just want a tree to be removed for aesthetic reasons. Whatever your reasoning, Goodfellers is always ready to help you cut any trees down.

Our staff are experts in felling trees, and making sure that this has no effect on the surrounding environment. Whether this means ensuring it misses neighbouring houses or a close highway, we make sure that our felling process is completely controlled, to avoid any mishaps. Our arborists will cut the tree in sections, in order to control the process, and we will remove all of the wood when we are finished, to ensure that there is no mess left afterwards. We also offer tree stump removal services, so you are not left with a stump disfiguring your garden.

This can be an extremely dangerous procedure, especially in an urban environment. At Goodfellers, we have over thirteen years of experience with this type of garden maintenance, and act accordingly. All of our arborists are highly trained in health and safety, to ensure the most minimal incidents possible. As a company, we are constantly updating our safety measures to reflect new information and our new equipment, so you know that you are in safe hands with your garden maintenance Dublin. All of our tree felling services are fully insured as well, so that you know you are covered in the extremely unlikely event something goes wrong.

Because the tree cutting process is so complex and potentially dangerous, especially when the tree is large, it is important to always hire a respected professional to undertake the job. Goodfellers has been cutting trees in Dublin for over thirteen years, and we are experts in the field. We can guarantee that you are in safe hands when you hire us for jobs such as tree felling.

Not only are all of our staff trained professionals, but we pride ourselves on the customer service that we provide as well. If you choose to hire Goodfellers, not only will we cut your tree down and ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction, but we can promise that we will make the process as stress-free with minimal inconvenience to you.

At Goodfellers we offer some of the most competitive tree felling prices in Dublin. If you would like a free, non-obligation quote for a tree or trees that you need felled, simply fill in our online form. One of our staff members will get in touch with you as soon as possible, helping you to make the next steps for your garden maintenance.

If you want to order our tree felling Dublin services, or you have more questions, feel free to contact us through our website. Alternatively, you can email us at, or you can phone us on 0858281017. We would love to hear from you, and help you on your way to the perfect garden!

Regardless of best shots, there are of course occasions when a tree needs to be removed for security factors. It might be due to infection or rot or it may be leaning precariously near to cable televisions, highways or rail track.

It is absolutely essential that tree felling is planned very thoroughly and is carried out only by qualified professionalsusing the proper working techniques, the best possible safety devices and a modern chainsaw with functioning security functions. Trees needs to be felled safely and in the instructions that you desire them to fall. The factors that initially and foremost affects tree felling is whether there are major barriers in the area (overhead lines, roads and buildings, and so on) and whether the location is accessible to the public. Nature conservation is also an important part of the work we perform and our felling plans take into factor to consider the plants and animals that live in the area of the tree( s) to be felled.

GoodFellers have over 10 years’ experience felling trees and will safely finish any tree felling task, no matter area, size or condition. We have experience in eliminating trees in the most extreme situations. We have extensive experience in the use of cranes and are totally guaranteed.

We will look for, encourage on and send applications to the local planning authority in relation to work including trees under Tree Conservation Orders and within Sanctuary. We do this on our clients’ behalf due to the fact that planning consent is needed before secured trees can be pruned or felled.

Our tree felling service includes a website -particular danger evaluation carried out by qualified workers. This will identify the quickest and most safe way to eliminate the tree. When security is a problem GoodFellers act rapidly and effectively to ensure minimum interruption to local communities and services. The elimination of the tree is then carried out using the proper equipment run by completely trained experts.

Expert Tree Felling Provider

Whether you require our professional tree felling services for a single tree or a whole facility clearing, our specialists have years of experience and an arsenal of specialist equipment to finish the work securely and effectively.

Our NPTC accredited tree surgeons are trained to perform a variety of arboricultural work on a nationwide basis. We access tree canopies by utilizing LOLER harnesses and ropes, or by mobile raising platforms. Prior to any work starts we carry out comprehensive ecological assessments, in addition to detailed health and safety checks to make sure both our staff and your visitors avoid injury.

Given that our establishment in 2000, Goodfellers has actually worked on large commercial jobs across a spectrum of different sectors, displaying our flexible and capable technique to any size of endeavour. Our internal ecologists will always think about the effects of wildlife and the surrounding environment prior to performing any work.

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Expert tree felling and removal services in Dublin

Using top-quality equipment and safety gear for the smooth removal of dying or harmful trees!

Tree Felling Services

The straight fell of trees is the elimination of trees as a single system. Straight felling will be limited to such circumstances that posture no threat of damage to any property or individuals whatsoever. Just when all risks have been taken into consideration, such as telephone and power cable televisions not crossing through and are clear of the tree, the tree has a natural lean towards the feeling instructions or is standing straight and balanced, at least 5m clearance from buildings or any other structure that may be damaged, then the tree can be felled from ground level.

The GoodFellers Dublin supply this service when a tree has actually to be removed and remains in an uncomfortable place, with multiple targets (structures that can be damaged). This indicates that the tree needs to be felled in areas utilizing advanced rigging techniques and in some events using a crane.

The process begins by a climber setting up a rigging line in the top of the tree overhanging a suitable lowering point. Then the tree cosmetic surgeon will begin from the bottom of the tree crown and connect the decreasing rope to the first branch from the crown break. The surgeon will then make a controlled cut in the instructions that the tree surgeon desires the branch to move. It is over to the groundsmen to decrease the branch in a controlled and safe manner to the ground. This is then processed and drawn out from the garden and fed into the wood chipper. This process is duplicated up until the tree cosmetic surgeon has reached the top of the tree and is only left with a standing straight stem.

The remaining tree will either be cut into little workable sections and thrown to the ground, or reduced off itself utilizing blocks and sheaves.

tree felling dublin
tree felling

Emergency tree felling services in Dublin

As pointed out above, there might be numerous factors that call for the removal of a tree. A few of them can be classed as a matter of urgency, due to the threats that the tree may position to individuals, buildings, cars and utility infrastructure. Have a look below at some of the circumstances that require prompt tree removal actions:

Frequently asked questions

The arborists we deal with are incredibly experienced in eliminating trees, specifically in restrictive spaces. Rest guaranteed that your property will be comprehensively safeguarded during the felling procedure, along with that any negative influence on the landscape will be minimized.

Upon request and topic to extra costs, we can dispose and remove of your tree in the most suitable way. If you wish, however, the tree surgeons can turn the tree into beneficial firewood, too.

Stress not about the stump, as we also specialise in stump grinding and removal services, so you can request this task to be done, too.

Please, make all the arrangements for the service to proceed by notifying your local council ahead of time and acquiring all pertinent licenses ought to your tree fall under the TPO/Conservation area classification. In addition, please, contact the particular utility service company, need to the tree (or its roots and branches) be placed near power lines and underground energies.

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GoodFellers Services

Tree Planting

Early spring, just as the ground thaws, is the best time plant. Fall can be too late.

Tree Pruning

Pruning when dormant: Usually involves shortening side-branches all over the tree

Hedge Trimming

Begin by using hand shears to clear out dead wood and thin the top of the shrub

Storm Emergency

Most damage to a property during severe weather occurs when limbs or trees fall

Tree Surgery

Affordable Tree Surgery are professional & accredited tree surgeons based in Dublin

Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is a pruning system involving the removal of the upper branches of a tree

Garden Clearance

Garden clearance involves literally clearing out the garden and can be part of garden maintenance

Tree Felling

Felling involves cutting a standing tree and dropping it in the place you want it

Confident, mindful, and considerate tree felling services

Tree felling is typically the quickest and most effective way of having the ability to remove and process a tree to our client’s specific requirements. With reasonably couple of and basic cuts – and area permitting – the tree can be rapidly and securely on the ground and prepared to be processed as required. Situations where felling might be the best method to finish the task would be:

Thinning out woodland where numerous trees require to be removed and where the dangers of damage to home are negligible
Helped felling: this is where a pulling line is protected to the top of the tree so that it can be felled in a wanted direction, avoiding the risk of damage to surrounding property
To process the tree and eliminate in the quickest and most efficient method where the trunk of a tree has commercial value

View here to know more in detail about Garden Clearance

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