How To Make Floorboards From Felled Trees


Milling and cutting your very own floorboards is a feasible and possibly extremely gratifying working experience as lengthy as you’re established to set in the time, patience, sweat and effort desired for the job. On top of that, a couple ability tools and eager awareness to details will also be important to appropriately execute the methods concerned, lest you are going to just stop up with a stack of sub-par floorboards only good enough as winter season firewood! However, below is a guide that will stroll you by way of the whole floorboard-generating system, beginning from the felled tree up to the finished floorboards:

1. Prepare the appropriate equipment – In floorboard-building purposes the place precision cuts are vital, it’s crucial that you have the proper established of applications. The tools beneath will get you up to speed and will help you make fantastic-quality floorboards as if you have just acquired them from the hardware:

a. Chainsaw
b. Chainsaw mill with tutorial rails
c. Thicknesser
d. Planer

2. Prepare the right protective gears – Just like other woodworking processes that involve the use of chainsaws and other cutting applications, building floorboards can be a hazardous undertaking. By sporting the ideal protecting gears, the possibility of accidents, lethal or otherwise, will be enormously minimised or be nil. For this endeavor, you will require the subsequent protective equipment:

a. Protection helmet with visor
b. Dust mask
c. Safety eyeglasses
d. Significant-obligation performing gloves
e. Listening to protectors this kind of as ear plugs or ear muffs
f. Protecting chaps
g. Metal-toed sneakers

3. Limb the felled tree – In logging parlance, limbing is the approach of cutting off all the branches from a felled tree, ordinarily with a chainsaw. Below are the measures:

a. Use your protecting gears and start off the chainsaw.
b. Conscious of your balance and putting the chainsaw at comprehensive throttle, start off cutting off the branches beginning from the base of the felled tree and operate your way towards the prime.
c. Physical exercise extreme warning when cutting off small tree limbs. They could get tangled with the chain and get whipped toward you, leading to you to lose balance. In the exact same manner, also hold a keen eye on “strained” branches. These branches, when cut from their base, may perhaps leap dangerously.

4. Buck the limbed tree – Bucking is a logging phrase which means cutting a limbed tree into preferred, usable lengths. For floorboards, sawyers typically cut the trees into 10-ft lengths, even though your length need can be a lot more or lesser the typical rule is to cut the tree 5 to 6 inches for a longer period than your wished-for concluded-board size in get to go away enough allowance for trimming and shrinkage.

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5. Run the chainsaw mill to develop tough boards – Rough boards are timber slabs that have not however been surfaced and sized. The amount of tough boards that can be made from timber will count on the thickness placing of the chainsaw mill and the diameter of the tree to be milled. Right here are the steps to properly mill the timber:

a. Adjust the chainsaw mill’s thickness placing in accordance to your prerequisite.
b. Mount the manual rails firmly on major of the timber. These rails will provide as the chainsaw mill’s reference for the preliminary cut.
c. Start the chainsaw mill and run it via the whole size of the log for the first cut.
d. Just after the initial cut has been made, the information rails can now be removed, and the flat area resulting from the preliminary cut will now serve as the tutorial for subsequent cuts.
e. Following all cuts have currently been concluded, you will now have a stack of rough boards prepared for drying.

6. Dry the tough boards – For the reason that of their substantial moisture content, the tough boards will nevertheless have to undergo a gradual and managed drying process until finally they’re already dry enough for sizing and surfacing.

There are two strategies frequently used in drying rough boards: the air-drying approach and the kiln-drying strategy. Even though the two techniques can make very similar outcomes, the air-drying technique usually takes a lot more time to total but will not cost you a point. All you have to do is stack up the tough boards with skinny strips of wood involving just about every board to give room for air circulation. On common, a 1-inch thick board will acquire all over 1 year to air dry.

Kiln-drying, on the other hand, is significantly speedier, typically getting only a couple of months to total. This technique requires the use of a kiln, an oven-like chamber in which humidity and temperature are controlled. However, you will have to look for a kiln operator, deliver the tough boards to and from his kiln, and pay for his kiln-drying solutions, which final results to added fees.

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7. Surface area and sizing the dried tough boards – Soon after the tough boards have been dried, either by air or by kiln, they’re previously ready for surfacing and sizing to your required thickness and width. For this objective, you are going to use the thicknesser and the planer:

a. Run the rough boards as a result of the thicknesser, also named the thickness planer, to get them to your wished-for thickness and to smoothen out both of those surfaces of the boards as very well.
b. Run the boards by way of the planer to get them to your wished-for width.
c. You will now have a stack of finished floorboards prepared for your use.
d. Give on your own a pat on the again for a task well performed!


A listing of all the tree surgery tasks we can complete

  • Tree pruning – we can lessen the dimensions of a tree, so your garden can get a bit far more daylight. Also, yearly pruning is critical for the health of your trees because it will make their stumps and branches stronger and encourages new progress.
  • Crown shaping – if you come about to individual a tree with overgrown, interlaced branches, the expert tree surgeon can give it a a lot more uniformed form.
  • Tree removal – The specialists will cut down the tree, starting up from the top rated, lessening its dimension right until they are able to cut the precise trunk. Soon after that, the arborists can grind or level down the leftover stump.
  • Tree felling – This support is related to tree removal. The treatment is tailored for unwell, useless or hazardous trees, which could possibly lead to damages.
  • Emergency tree work and deadwood removal – We can acquire care of fallen down, broken branches or complete trees after major storms and sturdy wind with out retaining you ready.
  • Stump grinding – left-around stumps from cut trees acquire place. With this provider, you can get them levelled with the ground and removed.
  • Ivy removal – if the ivy in your environmentally friendly area has gotten out of command and is greater than 5 metres, our area tree companies in Dublin can just take care of it.

How a tree surgery company with us goes by

  1. Request a quote for your provider by way of our on the net booking variety. It is a great concept to connect pictures of the crops you want to be pruned. This way, we may well be equipped to give you a quicker quote over the cell phone.
  2. If you obtain a quote about the mobile phone, the arborists will confirm it when they arrive onsite on the working day of the services. If we can not quote you centered on images, you are going to get the remaining cost following a study. In some situations, the study and the true support can be done on the very same day, but due to availability, ordinarily, they are scheduled individually.
  3. A workforce of two seasoned professionals will get there on the scheduled working day and time to total the appointed occupation. Make absolutely sure to offer entry to your house and to be certain a parking room. Continue to keep in mind that the instruments the crew delivers are pretty major and the parking place should not be far from your house.
  4. The experts will park and get ready the devices to full the occupation. Just one of the arborists will climb up the tree, though the other one particular will enable him by passing on machinery and chopping the greenery. Be aware that there isn’t an option to ship only 1 gentleman, since the nature of the provider doesn’t make it possible for it.
  5. All eco-friendly squander can be removed upon request and extra payment.
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Note: Tree surgery is just as vital as garden servicing, so if you book this assistance as nicely, we may perhaps be able to perform it in one particular day.

Tree Surgeons in Dublin

Seeking to seek the services of a tree surgeon in Dublin? You arrived to the suitable spot. Good Fellers is a household operate tree surgery business, presenting an substantial assortment of tree surgery expert services for shoppers all around the county.

Our Dublin tree surgeons have unrivalled practical experience in tree treatment and routine maintenance and have been doing the job in the arboricultural industry for more than 10 several years. We have a €5 million public liability insurance policy plan and have out all tree will work to the British Standards (BS3998).

We run several groups of arborists, which consist of climbers and groundsmen. Every workforce member is absolutely certified and has all relevant NPTC qualifications, ensuring all will work are carried out to the maximum attainable criteria with minimal disruption.

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