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A list of all the tree surgical treatment jobs we can carry out

  • Tree pruning – we can reduce the size of a tree, so your garden can get a bit more sunlight. Likewise, yearly pruning is necessary for the health of your trees because it makes their branches and stumps more powerful and promotes new growth.
  • Crown shaping – if you take place to own a tree with thick, interlaced branches, the professional tree surgeon can offer it a more uniformed shape.
  • Tree elimination – The professionals will lower the tree, beginning with the top, reducing its size up until they are able to cut the real trunk. After that, the arborists can grind or level down the leftover stump.
  • Tree felling – This service resembles tree elimination. The procedure is tailored for sick, dangerous or dead trees, which may trigger damages.
  • Emergency tree work and nonessential removal – We can look after fallen down, damaged branches or whole trees after heavy storms and strong wind without keeping you waiting.
  • Stump grinding – left-over stumps from cut trees take place. With this service, you can get them levelled with the ground and eliminated.
  • Ivy elimination – if the ivy in your green area has left control and is higher than 5 metres, our local tree services in Dublin can take care of it.

How a tree surgery service with us passes

  1. Request a quote for your service through our online booking kind. It’s a great concept to connect pictures of the plants you want to be pruned. This way, we might be able to provide you a faster quote over the phone.
  2. The arborists will validate it when they get here onsite on the day of the service if you receive a quote over the phone. You’ll get the final cost after a survey if we can’t estimate you based on photos. In some cases, the study and the actual service can be carried out on the very same day, but due to availability, usually, they are arranged separately.
  3. A group of 2 experienced experts will show up on the scheduled day and time to finish the designated task. Ensure to offer access to your property and to ensure a parking space. Remember that the tools the group brings are rather heavy and the parking area shouldn’t be far from your residential or commercial property.
  4. The specialists will park and prepare the devices to finish the task. One of the arborists will go up the tree, while the other one will assist him by handing down machinery and slicing the greenery. Keep in mind that there isn’t an alternative to send out only one guy, since the nature of the service doesn’t enable it.
  5. All green waste can be removed upon request and extra payment.

Cost of Tree Removal: 2021 Full Price Guide

tree cutting

Tree surgeons or to provide their proper title, ‘Arborists’, handle the cultivation and management of specific trees and shrubs. This contrasts with the work of a forester or logger.

Why would you work with one? Many properties have ornamental gardens surrounding the buildings. In some cases the trees or shrubs outgrow control and provide a hazard to the structure and stability of underground utilities, building structures, or above– ground buildings.

Whatever the reason, you need to employ a tree surgeon to handle the issue.

How much do they cost? And, what certifications do they require? Let’s hope we can cover these questions in the remainder of this post.

The expense of tree removal from your garden will cost anything from EUR400 to at least EUR3000 including BARREL. The cost of cutting down and getting rid of a tree depends on numerous aspects which we’ll go into later.

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Tree roots can be really intrusive and damage property foundations. Consider this, if you plant a sapling a sensible distance from your home, then after 20 or 30 years you might discover a tree intruding on your walls. The tree might even be nearing the end of its life and in risk of falling onto your neighbour’s property.

How much do tree cosmetic surgeons charge?

Okay, if you phone an arborist, she or he needs to look and come at the job prior to offering a rate. Lots of aspects affect how a professional carries out tree surgical treatment. It would, for that reason, be difficult to provide anything however a general cost without looking at the tree.

What requires to be in a quote?

To determine the costs and created a thorough quote, the arborist needs to think about the following elements.

  • The number of trees need work? It will be less expensive to handle numerous trees at one go rather than individually.
  • How huge and what type of trees? If the trees are mature, the arborist might require a climbing harness, cherry picker or other access equipment. Some trees are stronger than others and will be able to support more weight.
  • Will you need to get rid of the roots? Some tree types have problematic roots systems. Some are simpler to remove than others.
  • Their area. Are the trees near to structures or in the method of energy materials?
  • Are the trees available for a lorry? Often a lorry has to carry devices to the tree. Sometimes they use the lorry to assist remove persistent stumps.
  • How much waste to eliminate? Trees produce a lot of waste. A shredder chops up foliage and little branches to produce mulch, while the larger branches produce logs. Either the customer uses the mulch on their garden and keeps the logs for individual usage or they must be removed from the website.
  • How healthy is the tree? The tree may have numerous pests or diseases which either require to be treated or disposed of. It’s harder to recycle infected wood as the problem might infect other trees.
  • Distance to the trees. How far does the arborist travel to the site and how far to the nearest waste centre?

What about a call-out fee?

Some tree cosmetic surgeons charge a minimum call– out cost. This can be about EUR400. If the visit leads to more work, the arborist will typically subtract the call out fee from the last invoice.

A common tree cosmetic surgeon’s day rate charge will differ depending on the kind of work. Most arborists work as a team of three, each doing various yet complementary tasks. To employ the group will cost between EUR400 and EUR1000 per day. Having said that the typical hourly rate in the UK is about EUR40 per hour per person. , if you’re in Dublin or the location you’ll pay at least 20% more.


We’ll take a look at the tree surgeon’s expenses for each particular job in the following areas. In these circumstances, we’ll presume there’s no waste to eliminate, plus there will be a group of 3 persons. Unless specified, the group needs to work with no additional devices to do their task.

Tree felling expense

If you have a large tree to get rid of, expect the group of 3 to take in between 2 and 3 days to finish. Because the tree might be hazardous and in threat of falling across a neighbour’s home, they should take care. Precise timing will depend upon how close the automobiles can get to the area. Anticipate to pay about EUR3000 plus BARREL for this job.

Tree removal cost

Removing a smaller tree, state a multi-stemmed birch, will be a lot easier and will most likely take a couple of men about half a day to complete. The typical cost for this will be between EUR400 and EUR500.

Stump elimination and grinding

You’ve had a large tree dropped and it’s left a stump which you must eliminate. To grind a stump costs in between EUR50 to EUR100.

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Tree cutting

Work with an expert arborist if you have a tree that requires pruning, pollarding or cutting. Trimming and other basic tree work will cost about EUR120 per hour for the group of three to do all work consisting of eliminating particles. Remember that you may have to pay a minimum charge so expect a costs for about EUR400.

Other tasks

Tree surgeons don’t simply fell trees, they cut or remove hedges, remove conifers, thin out copses and clumps, and frequently cover general garden upkeep too. The per hour rates depend on the type of work you’ve inquired to do.

What is a tree survey?

Home managers and house owners require to make informed decisions on what changes they can make to trees on their property. The law protects many trees from dropping unless they are seriously diseased or nearing the end of their life. You’re not allowed to touch specific trees as they increase the worth of the land.

A common tree study contains the following info on the trees already there.

  • Types of the tree.
  • Physical measurement, diameter and height.
  • A price quote of age.
  • General health.
  • Life expectancy.
  • Suggestions.

The expense of a complete tree study depends on the size of the site being surveyed. Prices start at about EUR350 if the site has less than 100 trees.

How can you inform if a tree is diseased?

A competent tree cosmetic surgeon has special training to enable him to acknowledge an unhealthy and dying tree. There are certain indications you can look out for that will guide you to call in an expert.

  • Problems in the bark texture. Tree bark shouldn’t have holes or cracks however should be constant.
  • Dead branches. These appear dry, frequently don’t have any bark covering and they break easily.
  • Decay. Trees always decay from the inside out. So you will only see this if there are holes or splits in the tree.
  • Discoloured leaves. When leaves remain in season, they must appear healthy with excellent colour.
  • Poor architecture. Every tree has a general shape distinct to its species. If the shape looks incorrect, employ an expert for guidance.

Tree Surgeon Qualifications, Regulations & Preparation Permissions

Make sure the arborists you use have actually acknowledged qualifications and accreditations if you’re going to spend out on having your trees looked after and kept properly. There are two accreditation plans you need to keep an eye out for.

  • The Arboricultural Association Approved Specialists.
  • Trustmark.

Both these plans supply ongoing technical skills evaluation and manage business skills of tree surgical treatment business.

There are a couple of recognised credentials that your arborist need to have, in addition to the practical experience necessary to do the job correctly. They probably won’t have all these, but a couple of will be great.

  • RFS Cert Arb. This is the Royal Forestry Society Certificate in Arboriculture. It shows a high level of practical proficiency and technical understanding of tree care.
  • ISA Licensed Arborist. They must have a high practical and theoretical knowledge of tree care.
  • City and Guilds Stage II. The C&G Certificate in arboriculture offers an exam and continuous assessments in useful and technical skills.
  • AA Tech Cert. The Arboricultural Association Specialist’s Certificate targets managers, tree inspectors and professionals. It shows considerable technical knowledge and understanding of the subject.
  • NC( Arb)/ ND( Arb). National Certificate or National Diploma are 2 and three year full– time courses. They supply both practical and theoretical knowledge.
  • HNC/ HND/ FDSc. Greater National Certificate and Greater National Diploma are two to three year full– time courses and provide theoretical and useful knowledge at a higher requirement to the NC and ND credentials. The Structure Degree has now mainly taken over from this.
  • PD Arb (RFS). The Royal Forestry Society Professional Diploma is a really high– level technical qualification revealing substantial technical and theoretical understanding.


All tree cosmetic surgeons should perform their work to British Basic BS3998 ‘Suggestions for Tree work’. Likewise, they should be aware of the Local Authorities’ and Government’s policies on tree preservation orders. Generally, you’ll need the council’s permission prior to doing any work on them. Likewise, although trees and hedgerows don’t come under Building Regulations, they can impact foundations and utility services. Some species can even affect structures as much as 20m away.

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The Forest Trust offers details about trees in the UK and what guidelines cover them. Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) secure particular trees or woodlands from purposeful damage. If you need to fell a tree, (with consent from the regional council) you should plant three trees in its location.

The Forestry Commission provides information on all aspects of tree felling and issues licences for felling.

The Regional Authority issues TPOs, and a tree surgeon should have a licence to work on a protected tree.

Tree Surgical Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Just how much do tree cosmetic surgeons charge per hour?

Tree cosmetic surgeons charge about EUR120 per hour for a team of 3 (EUR40 per hour each). They will likewise most likely apply a minimum charge, which may be anything up to EUR400.

Will homeowners insurance pay for tree elimination?

Your insurance coverage will cover you for any damage to your home from falling branches or trees. Insurance coverage will not usually pay for tree surgical treatment and removal or payout for damage caused throughout maintenance by a tree cosmetic surgeon. Having stated that, the Arborist’s insurance cover ought to be enough to cover any damage brought on by his workmanship or perhaps by an accident.

What is the difference in between tree cutting and pruning?

Tree cutting shapes the tree and guarantees the tree or hedge has best growth, whereas, pruning gets rid of unhealthy and dead branches so that the tree can flourish properly.

How typically should trees be trimmed?

This depends upon the types of tree. Every tree grows at a various rate and what benefits one may not be good for another. Generally, you need to trim trees every 3 to 5 years. Always ask a certified tree surgeon to trim your trees as they need cutting correctly according to the species at the appropriate season.

Should I cut dead branches off a tree?

This is called pruning and is among the reasons to prune a tree or shrub. The tree needs to have dead branches got rid of to stay healthy. Removal should be done skillfully so that disease and rot do not discover their way into the healthy wood. You may be able to cope with a normal increased bush, constantly ask a qualified tree surgeon to prune trees.

Get tree cosmetic surgeon quotes

It’s a skilful job to keep trees and shrubs and requires qualifications, experience and a deep understanding of how a tree grows. For that reason, constantly use a qualified tree surgeon or arborist when maintaining your trees. So, finish the form at the top of the page and you’ll receive 3 to 4 tree removal price quotes from professionals in your area.

All tree surgeons need to carry out their work to British Standard BS3998 ‘Recommendations for Tree work’. Tree Conservation Orders (TPOs) secure particular trees or woodlands from deliberate damage. Insurance won’t usually pay for tree surgical treatment and elimination or payment for damage caused during maintenance by a tree cosmetic surgeon. It’s an expert task to preserve shrubs and trees and requires credentials, experience and a deep understanding of how a tree grows. Always utilize a qualified tree surgeon or arborist when maintaining your trees.

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