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A list of all the tree surgical treatment jobs we can perform

  • Tree pruning – we can lower the size of a tree, so your garden can get a bit more sunshine. Yearly pruning is crucial for the health of your trees since it makes their branches and stumps more powerful and promotes new growth.
  • Crown shaping – if you take place to own a tree with thick, interlaced branches, the professional tree cosmetic surgeon can provide it a more uniformed shape.
  • Tree removal – The professionals will lower the tree, starting from the top, decreasing its size until they are able to cut the actual trunk. After that, the arborists can grind or level down the remaining stump.
  • Tree felling – This service resembles tree elimination. The procedure is customized for sick, harmful or dead trees, which may cause damages.
  • Emergency situation tree work and nonessential removal – We can take care of dropped, damaged branches or entire trees after heavy storms and strong wind without keeping you waiting.
  • Stump grinding – left-over stumps from cut trees occur. With this service, you can get them levelled with the ground and got rid of.
  • Ivy elimination – if the ivy in your green area has left control and is higher than 5 metres, our local tree services in Dublin can look after it.

How a tree surgery service with us goes by

  1. Request a quote for your service through our online reservation type. It’s an excellent concept to attach images of the plants you wish to be pruned. In this manner, we might be able to offer you a faster quote over the phone.
  2. If you receive a quote over the phone, the arborists will confirm it when they get here onsite on the day of the service. If we can’t quote you based on photos, you’ll get the final cost after a survey. In many cases, the survey and the actual service can be carried out on the exact same day, but due to availability, generally, they are arranged separately.
  3. A group of two skilled specialists will arrive on the scheduled day and time to finish the appointed job. Make certain to offer access to your residential or commercial property and to make sure a parking space. Bear in mind that the tools the group brings are rather heavy and the parking area shouldn’t be far from your residential or commercial property.
  4. The experts will prepare the equipment and park to finish the job. Among the arborists will go up the tree, while the other one will assist him by handing down machinery and chopping the greenery. Note that there isn’t a choice to send only one male, due to the fact that the nature of the service doesn’t permit it.
  5. All green waste can be eliminated upon request and extra payment.

Tree Removal Expense & Tree Surgeon Expenses

Tree surgery can assist change the appearance of your garden in simply a couple of hours or matter of days– and luckily tree cosmetic surgeons costs are are not extremely high in the Ireland.

tree cutting

If you wish to clean up your garden and offer the location a little lift but are stressed over the cost of tree surgery and how much requirements doing, fear not– since working with a tree cosmetic surgeon is really a lot less trouble and a lot cheaper than you may believe!

Lots of tree surgeons provide a range of different gardening services charged via a pay-as-you-go design. Furthremore, tree arborists are completely certified to deal with all those difficult or high-maintenance garden jobs.

Tree cosmetic surgeon expenses– just how much tree elimination cost?

How much does a tree cosmetic surgeon expense? Well, we have actually gathered the following tree surgeon prices to give you a basic idea of how much this kind of service may set you back. Each kind of tree surgery service is listed in addition to the different cost strategy available, as follows:

Tree Felling: EUR75– EUR1,200 (dependent on height).
Tree debris disposal: EUR50– EUR150.
Crown decrease and thinning: EUR75– EUR800.
Garden clearance: EUR200 per person daily/ EUR40 per hour.
Hedge trimming: EUR40-60 per hour per person, EUR90-EUR120 (for a group of 2).
Wood chipper hire: EUR50– EUR300 daily.
Tree study: from EUR200 (fundamental), from EUR300 (innovative).

* All rates do not include VAT.

Tree felling: Tree felling is among the most tough jobs to estimate the cost without having a tree feller or tree surgeon check the tree initially and the surrounding land. Elements that impact the cost are tree height, the proximity to any structure, the presence of any garden fencing panels and any public walkways or roadways. For trees under 15ft, the costs are lower so anticipate to pay from EUR75 to EUR250.

Tree debris disposal: After cutting down a tree it will need to be gotten rid of. For this service, you will need to pay extra money to the company you hired. Alternatively, you can check with your local council here to minimize the costs.

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Crown reduction and thinning: Crown reduction is the procedure of decreasing either the height or the spread of the tree crown or both. Crown thinning includes the removal of optimum of 30% of the total tree structure. For trees under 15ft, the cost ranges from EUR75 to EUR250.

Garden clearance: Garden clearance includes typically complete garden and website clearance, trimming and cutting back any thick or messy hedgerows, cutting down long grass, pruning overgrown trees, turning of plant beds and borders, eliminating unwanted plants and shrubs and cleaning up any unwanted lawn and leaves.

Hedge trimming: New hedges need developmental pruning throughout the first years to keep them dense and compact. Established hedges need more frequent trimming than casual ones. Expect to pay around 20% more if there is a need for any climbing up devices like a rope and harness to handle the hedge.

Wood chipper hire: A wood chipper assists eliminate all garden waste and recycle it back to the garden. Depending on the size of your garden waste, you require to work with either an electrical or a durable fuel engine design.

Tree study: A tree study permits property supervisors or house owners to make educated choices based upon the information gotten from the survey.

Remember, these tree cosmetic surgeon costs are based on the most affordable possible starting points readily available, and are just estimates; for more accurate and comprehensive details about tree surgical treatment prices, you need to contact as various contractors as possible.

Tree cutting cost elements.

Size and Location.

We all know that bigger trees cost more to cut. They have more branches and may require extra devices, based on their height. Trees that are near structures or power lines need time and effort because crews can’t simply turn the branches down as they work.

Number of Trees.

The variety of trees you need trimmed will also impact the general cost of your tree cutting job. Guarantee you include the number of trees and their enters your quote, so that you can choose based upon an affordable estimate. You do not wish to surprise the tree removal company when they pertain to your place by telling them that you have 3 trees that need trimming instead of one.


Trees that have endured injury, like a lightning strike, are not as strong as healthy trees and can become unstable. While it may cost more for an arborist to cut and maintain a tree that has problems, the tree becomes much safer and a lot much healthier.

Health Problems and diseases.

There are myriad diseases and illnesses that can affect the health of your tree. Here are examples of those illness can also increase the cost of trimming and upkeep:.

  • Abiotic Damage: The main cause is usually strong winds, hail, dry or cold spells and can manifest in different manners. Dehydrated leaves and damaged limbs are the signs of abiotic damage.
  • Fungi/Mushrooms: Fungi damage trees by weakening the structural firmness and draining pipes trees of their crucial nutrients.
  • Moist Crack: A damp crack in a tree trunk is an indication that the tree remains in bad health and needs to be taken a look at to confirm if the tree is rotting internally.


There are numerous beneficial bugs and animals that live in trees. There are a number of insects that can harm and threaten your trees.

  • Emerald ash borer: This insidious, wood-boring beetle is eliminating ash trees across the Ireland at a high rate, making it a severe threat.
  • Ants: If you observe ants on your tree, observe them, as by doing this you may discover rotting or foothold damage.
  • Mites: The majority of mites are exceptionally hard to see as they are very small. Termites have amazing suction capabilities and can trigger mostly discolouration of leaves and eventually leaf drop.
  • Shield-lice: It only becomes visible after it has actually formed a shield-like sport on the tree’s bark, which triggers wetness. Shield-ice also attacks tree leaves. In extreme cases, you may have to call an expert.
  • Woodpeckers: Woodpeckers can likewise cause damage to the tree trunk as typically, they look for homes in trees are that are currently rotting. You must get in touch with a tree surgeon or arborist right away if you find out that a woodpecker has made his home in one of your trees.

Travelling Range.

When you employ a tree company, always remember that the additional away they are from you, the more they tend to charge for drive time.

Ease of access.

Companies that are familiar with cutting and eliminating big trees have a container truck that allows them to arrive of any tree. Nevertheless, if the tree lacks enough space for the truck, the trimmer will need to climb to the top, leading to a higher expense.

Tree cosmetic surgeons’ day-to-day rates.

A group of 3 tree surgeons on the website will charge around EUR450-EUR1,000 a day, consisting of VAT. Typically anticipate to pay EUR500 to EUR650 for regional tree surgeons for a day’s work. Nevertheless, there are smaller sized business that only handle much easier projects. A team of 1 or 2 employees will cost anywhere from EUR400 to EUR550 a day, depending on where you are located.

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How much do tree surgeons charge per hour.

Tree cosmetic surgeons in the UK charge usually EUR40 per hour.

Expense To Reduce A Tree.

General tree work.

If you require just general tree work, you can expect to pay around EUR120 per hour for a group of three workers, that includes the elimination of all debris. If the minimum per hour rate uses, quote to pay around EUR400, including VAT.

Reducing a large tree.

There is a large tree in your garden the need to be cut down and elimination of the waste. The amount of time will depend on other factors consisting of how closely the employees’ cars can get to the tree. You can anticipate to pay tree cosmetic surgeon around EUR3,000 + VAT.

Eliminating 2 multi-stem trees.

You need to eliminate 2 30-foot multi-stem trees from your garden and carry off all particles. As long as there is easy access to the tree, you can expect to pay EUR780, consisting of BARREL.

Stump grinding cost.

The average cost of stump grinding in the Ireland is between EUR50-100 with a typical rate per diameter of EUR3. However, costs may vary depending on the size of the stump. If you grind the stump yourself it might cost you as low as EUR75 to rent a stump grinder for a day.

Any stump with a size larger than 5 inches, need to be dealt with only by an expert. Even though working with a stump mill looks like the best option, it might still exercise costing higher than expected, so it is recommended to hire a tree surgeon.

Cost to remove a multi-stemmed birch tree.

These trees are some of the simplest to deal with and will just take half-a-day for 2 workers. If you live in Dublin, the cost will come around to EUR750. On the other hand, if you reside in the South, South West and Midlands anticipate to pay typically from EUR425 to EUR500.

Cost to reduce a big oak tree.

You have a big oak tree, around 100 feet tall, that has to be cut down and access to the tree is not good. Cutting down a tree of this size will take 5 employees, consisting of 2 expert tree surgeons.

Do-it-yourself tree elimination.

If you are intending on handling tree removal, trimming your shrubs, and removing all debris, make sure you have the proper security devices available to you. If you will be cutting branches or other areas of a tree, ensure you have a chainsaw and/or axe and guarantee the blades are sharp! Make sure you have a long lasting long reach hedge trimmer for cutting and reaching even the highest spaces on your hedge.

Be careful with the chainsaw and axe as they can quickly slip and seriously hurt you. Other items you need to have include gloves, shatterproof glass, long-sleeved t-shirts, and long trousers. You need to completely safeguard yourself from flying debris when cutting. Make sure you are wearing safety glasses to safeguard your eyes from particles.

Fines– and how to prevent them.

, if you do not know the regulations you could end up being fined.. Here are a few of the main points to search for:.

Tree Preservation Orders- TPOs are policies that are developed to secure trees that add to the total look of a location. It likewise covers species that are in risk of becoming extinct.

Sanctuary status- if you live in a conservation area and you have an issue with among the trees on your home you will need to get the permission of your regional council. This involves informing the Regional Preparation Authority at least 6 weeks ahead of time that you intend to customize or fell the tree. You will need to supply a written notice that includes comprehensive plans. A tree surgeon could offer these and guarantee you adhere to the guidelines.

Preparation guidelines- the Local Planning Authority (LPA) might safeguard trees that are near structure websites or attached to just recently completed homes. Make sure you obtain all the relevant permissions before touching the tree.

Dropping licenses- trees are grown in a garden do not need a felling licence, however if they are outside of garden space, then you might require to obtain this licence from the Forestry Commission.

Can I do this myself or do I require a tree cosmetic surgeon?

Whilst dealing with a job like an overgrown tree alone might appear like a simple job, it might be worth considering the following concerns before you pick up your chainsaw:.

What is the size of the job?

The larger the tree the more difficult it will be. It is also more unsafe the taller the tree is. If you attempted to prune it or suffice down, is this going to be a risk to you or individuals around you?

Where is the tree?

If the tree is growing near a building or near any kind of residential or commercial property like vehicles or other vehicles, is it safe to suffice down? There is a threat that you could wind up causing damage to home or injury to a person.

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Can you actually get the job done?

Tree surgery is an incredibly proficient profession involving utilizing dangerous tools and typically a lot of climbing. If you do not have the appropriate devices or the best training dealing with trees and power tools can be unsafe, if not deadly, to yourself or individuals around you. Injuries can and do happen, not just from falling branches but are likewise brought on by falls or by dropping power tools from a height.

Unless the tree is small it is much quicker, much easier, more secure and cost-efficient to employ a professional person to do the job. The is especially the case for ‘reducing’ rather than totally getting rid of a tree.

When to get in touch with a professional tree surgeon.

, if you own your own home you are accountable to keep the trees on your land in a great condition.. This is typically a condition of house insurance so you might find that you require to organize an evaluation of any trees falling within your boundary. You should constantly check the insurance plan for the information of this and make certain you arrange for inspections to be performed.

As a general guideline keep a lookout for these concerns and if you see any of them contact a tree cosmetic surgeon to inspect the tree:

  • Any mushrooms or other fungis living around the base of the tree;.
  • Long branches, specifically if they are brushing against each other;.
  • Any detached roots– this can be an indication of disease in the tree;.
  • If there are local guidelines concerning tree cutting or felling in your location and you think you need to discuss this with a professional;.
  • You discover any cavities or decay in the trunk, try to find things like the lack of bark or the appearance of fractures in the body of the tree;.
  • Branches that are revealing signs of death of disease: A lack of leaves or leaves that are unseasonably brown can be a sign of problems.

How to find a great tree surgeon.

Ask buddies and loved ones for suggestions or the contact information of individuals they have actually used in the past, and do not hesitate to conduct preliminary interviews with potential staff members– just to be sure you know what you’re getting and what you will be spending for.
Your last written quote ought to include:

Clear and comprehensive information about the work to be completed, with all the relevant information about how long it might take and what is included in the service.
What tree equipment the expert will offer and if there is any preparation you need to carry tree elimination expense guideout yourself.
Whether or not the final projected expense includes BARREL.
Whether or not waste disposal will be supplied (and consisted of in the expense).
A full and functional risk evaluation plan, to guarantee everyone’s security throughout the tree surgery happening.
Trusted and

truthful recommendations.

No matter how much a tree cosmetic surgeon cost will set you back, many home-owners will testify to the enduring outcomes of tree surgical treatment and the benefits of employing a tree surgeon to beautify your garden for you.

After all, these tree experts have the abilities, training and experience to take care of plants and trees without triggering any damage to surrounding plant-life– enabling you to continue growing everything you look and desire after your existing garden with simply a bit of extra aid!

Tree felling: Tree felling is one of the most difficult jobs to approximate the expense without having a tree feller or tree cosmetic surgeon inspect the tree first and the surrounding land. You don’t want to amaze the tree elimination company when they come to your location by telling them that you have three trees that require cutting instead of one.

While it might cost more for an arborist to cut and keep a tree that has issues, the tree becomes much safer and a lot much healthier.

You have a large oak tree, around 100 feet high, that has actually to be cut down and access to the tree is not good. Cutting down a tree of this size will take 5 workers, including 2 professional tree cosmetic surgeons.

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