A Guide To Stump Grinding


As an itinerant stump grinder for these earlier dozen many years, I have experienced a wide variety of stump removal scenarios. I haven’t published this with the intention to impress, nor has it been written as the “be all to end all stump grinding process”. I felt there to be a want for a published description of what I do, amongst the myriad of visible and pictorial details out there. Maybe this humble piece will inspire other stump grinders to make an hard work with their prepared descriptions of how they grind absent stumps with their machinery. If this collective details, was compiled and indexed, it may perhaps establish to be a valued composed resource of reference for all upcoming stump grinders. I am lucky to be capable to draw upon my very own exclusive combine of encounters (not automatically connected with this topic), complemented with an ability to put this into writing — though how it is interpreted, remains to be noticed. This is a in-depth description of how I remove a tree stump with a professional stump grinding machine.

There will be deviations from this most important matter, also describing my good reasons, methodology, and gatherings which led to the existing motion taken. Not like lots of of my stump grinding peers who have relied on YouTube films to show stump grinding, nobody has nonetheless—as considerably as I am knowledgeable— composed a definitive procedural description on the salient details of this procedure, for placement in the open up area. It is recognized there are many other views with several other variants in method, mirrored by variations of tools kinds. My intention of basing my procedural description with a modified Carlton 2300 stump grinder, is to retain it uncomplicated, devoid of all the “bells and whistles” of contemporary stump grinding machines. Nonetheless, this previous (1997) model has been up-to-date with a Lombardini diesel motor to give it efficiency approaching modern devices. I have included a selection of my very own “bells and whistles” in the kind of several gauges which I come to feel are critical to acquire a common comprehending of device overall performance. Additional, previous fashioned finger style cutter enamel are utilized. This is a personal choice based mostly on cost by itself. I also recognise the OEM advancements produced to modern-day stump grinders, and do not intend for these writings to diminish people advancements in any conceivable way. All over again I re-emphasise the use of an aged model Carlton 2300 is to continue to keep it easy in spite of the under outlined modifications to the equipment. My want, and hope is that some of this will spark more ideas and enhancements to greater protection, and efficiency in a probably dangerous operation. Stump grinding is inherently a harmful operation to people today, pets, and house. The scope of this procedural description assumes a familiarity with all necessary basic safety gear, and will only make occasional reference to these products inside of the context of my operational strategy and technique. I will commence with a checklist of modifications built to this old Carlton 2300 which include causes:

  • brackets for securing a 2.5 mtr. horizontal, flood light-weight mast at the machine’s leading, and alongside its size. When doing the job any length absent from base, It isn’t cost successful to full a occupation on a second return to web site if it is attainable to comprehensive inside of one journey. Winter season evenings at the solstice right here in England, begins at about 16:00. Doing work a several extra several hours in the dim, will make a appreciable cost price savings. This prompted installation of a flood mild attachment. to the machine.
  • pivoted brackets mounted in area of mud guards for securing rubber screens suspended from metal arms. Some companies of stump grinders may well now present these screens. None were offered at the time, so I made them up. Following experiencing a broken window, as a end result of stones staying projected diagonally from the cutter wheel, this kind of a screening provision grew to become quite speedy. I never work with out my mud guard mounted screens.
  • pivoted bracket assembly for securing a vertical mast of a 3 meter parasol utilized for all lengthy stump grinding employment—rain or glow. A at ease stump grinder, is a productive stump grinder.
  • bracket for securing a suitable oil pressure gauge—not an idiot mild! Most contemporary stump grinders have automatic switches to shut down the engine when oil strain is misplaced. If this device experienced a person–I would nevertheless set up an oil force gauge. An idiot light will not feeling a reduction in oil strain as when the engine warms up from chilly, or when a doable leak may possibly occur. Even further, it can indicate approximate motor temperature when experience is obtained with usual stress/temperature comparisons.
  • bracket for securing an engine oil temperature gauge. This was a temporary installation because the oil dip adhere had to be substituted with a sensor bulb immersed in the sump oil to achieve exact knowledge. With a apparent great air ingestion, my engine was functioning at 90 C. That is really scorching and proves the place how important it is to maintain interesting air passages and air intakes obvious and clear. I have virtually 4000 operate hours on my diesel engine with NO black or white exhaust smoke!
  • bracket securing hydraulic oil temperature gauge. This is also a present-day short term set up when information is gathered and can be far more precisely referenced towards the force gauge. A long term installation with a mix oil level and temperature indicator will be installed at a later date.
  • A sheet steel display screen separating the operator from hydraulic hoses was put in just at the rear of the hydraulics command levers. Most present day versions have enclosures for hydraulic hosing, and will have to satisfy CE certification.
  • welded angle, supports for cutter wheel’s hinged (guard) shroud. When this guard is down in its operational position, it nestles in between two welded angles providing it lateral assistance. The addition of these angled supports was identified to be important when the guard can make call with a part of uncut stump which remained over and above the swing restrict of the cutter wheel.
  • brackets to secure a everlasting electric winch over steering wheels. A twelve volt winch has been recognised as an essential on-board equipment. Instances have expected a winch to support machine manoeuvrability, to take care of a static placement on a slope exactly where driving the machine’s individual stake into the ground is difficult. and to extract the machine from tricky terrain.
  • installation of lockable key operated emergency quit swap. CE compliance needs this switch.
  • installation of a fixed usually means to protected the cutter wheel’s hinged shroud in the down or operational situation. CE compliance demands this.
  • central stage greasing hub situated within a cutout on the machine’s decking. Armored, sheathed, flexibile, hydraulic grade pipe, is connected to four underside (complicated to get to) grease nipples
  • fantastic mesh insect display installed more than motor cooling ingestion fan opening, complemented with a steel grid assistance fixed within air consumption shroud. This removed the require to usually remove th engine’s interesting air ducting to the finned cylinders, for cleaning absent particles caught between cylinder cooling fins. This was a recurrent and vital job to stop “incredibly hot spots” and to maintain effective motor cooling for these types of a warm functioning air cooled engine. A h2o cooled engine has unique benefits for working in this kind of a filthy atmosphere.
  • A thick neoprene gasket positioned beneath the chain drive go over. This gasket is a excellent improvement with retaining out contamination, and extending chain existence. ( Modern stump grinders have hydraulic motor hub drives for each wheel. Chain breakage was often a danger, with the chance of a runaway equipment. That are unable to take place with hydraulic motors at the generate wheels.)
  • total sheet metal encasement of ‘V’ belt generate. Needed for CE compliance.
  • Improved correcting/assistance bracket for shallow screen situated directly driving cutter wheel. This bracket was created in one piece of metal stretching the length of the rubber display screen. It supplies more screen assistance, and is faster /less difficult to remove for display substitute because of to have on.
  • significant obligation spiral banding was wrapped around all exposed hydraulic hoses. A CE need to guard the operator from a hydraulic hose burst
  • Set up of thermocouples to the bearings for identifying their average usual running temperature and to indicate excessive bearing perform but to be mounted.
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Transporting A Stump Grinder:

There are two methods of acquiring your stumpgriner down the road to a web site possibly by loading it onto a trailer, onto a truck, or into a van. I selected a VW medium wheel foundation, substantial top, turbo-diesel, panel van for the adhering to causes, and a description of how the stump grinder is stowed:

  • VW vans depict dependability for me. I’m onto my 3rd improve of van (all purchased 2nd hand) and have in no way had a breakdown that was not my fault.
  • the trailer possibility seemed to be stress, with access down narrow driveways, turning radii as well slim, and a terrific offer of needless monoeuvreing
  • I dont have a big ample lock up garage, which would call for outside the house storage for the stump grinder and trailer creating it issue to theft.
  • my van is dedicated to storing the stump grinder in which It stays onboard.
  • I do all of my servicing and repairs with the stumpgrinder onboard. I carry all required tooling to perform minor area repairs e.g. changing a travel chain to the travel axle, or wedge belts for the cutter travel.
  • the stump grinder and tools are safe in the van with the vans extra protection, eg. immobiliser, alarm, wheel clamp, and additional doorway and body strengthening which has by now prevented anyone seeking to lever the base of the rear doorways upwards in an endeavor to attain obtain.
  • I maintain a established of steel ramps stowed onboard. These are also helpful for getting accessibility in gardens with measures, or at a higher degree.
  • a metal wire cable is set up among opposite anchor points future to the metal bulkhead separating driver from loadbay. At the cable’s centre is mounted a steel ring, via which the stump grinder’s stake enters, when the machine is stowed. This cable has two purposes. 1st use is when uploading the grinder. By extending its tongue to achieve the steel ring fastened at the centre of the wire cable, then passing the machine’s stake via the steel ring, allows the device to pull itself into position when retracting the tongue. This entry process is most popular over reliance on the grinders wheel traction which is minimised on soaked times, and also for the reason that its wheels have to climb around, and on prime of screening saved on the vans floor. Second use is as a secure correcting point although the van is in transit.
  • in just the rear of the loadbay, is a steel saddle fastened to the flooring. ( seems like an upside down double “TT” ) It is bolted through the van’s ground, and by sq. plates pulling from the chassis underside. The machine’s cutter wheel nestles between two verticle plates. A pin passes through both of those verticle plates and a cutter wheel bolt gap, exactly where the tertiary pockets use to be set. ( they didn’t do any operate, so use was built of their supposed bolt holes )
  • the device is firmly stowed making use of this process. Without a doubt, it stayed in area, with my van on its facet in a drainage ditch! ( the best exam )
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Downloading the Stump Grinder By The Figures

  1. open up rear doors, unsecure ramps from their stowed placement, slid out ramps, and resolve them to doorway sill with pins
  2. open sliding side doorway, start out the stump grinders motor, retract tongue a little to pull versus steel cable consequently letting release of rigidity on cutter wheel stowage pin, for its removal, and raise the cutter wheel away from its flooring saddle.
  3. have interaction axle drive or “no cost wheel” valve, reverse machine a little, just ample to make it possible for release of tension on metal cable enabling extraction of machine’s “T” stake from the metal ring set to the cable.
  4. pin the machine’s stake to its typical stowed place, and generate stump grinder down the ramps.

Determining Safe and sound Access

  • immediately after stopping the grinders motor (remove vital), do a “wander-by way of” together the machine’s meant route to the stumps. Dependent on machine’s width (owing to extension dual wheels fitted) establish an simple unobstructed obtain.

This doc isn’t finished yet, and is matter to additions and revisions. I experience there is even so, adequate material to mull about and pass remark on.


A record of all the tree surgery responsibilities we can perform

  • Tree pruning – we can minimize the size of a tree, so your garden can get a little bit much more sunlight. Also, once-a-year pruning is significant for the health of your trees because it helps make their stumps and branches more powerful and promotes new progress.
  • Crown shaping – if you occur to have a tree with overgrown, interlaced branches, the specialist tree surgeon can give it a a lot more uniformed shape.
  • Tree removal – The gurus will cut down the tree, starting off from the leading, cutting down its measurement until eventually they are ready to cut the precise trunk. Right after that, the arborists can grind or stage down the leftover stump.
  • Tree felling – This service is related to tree removal. The course of action is tailored for ill, lifeless or risky trees, which could cause damages.
  • Emergency tree work and deadwood removal – We can get treatment of fallen down, broken branches or complete trees immediately after hefty storms and solid wind without retaining you ready.
  • Stump grinding – left-over stumps from cut trees choose area. With this assistance, you can get them levelled with the ground and removed.
  • Ivy removal – if the ivy in your eco-friendly house has gotten out of command and is increased than 5 metres, our area tree companies in Dublin can acquire treatment of it.
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How a tree surgery service with us goes by

  1. Request a quote for your assistance by means of our on line booking type. It’s a very good thought to attach pics of the vegetation you want to be pruned. This way, we might be able to give you a faster quote more than the mobile phone.
  2. If you receive a quote more than the cellphone, the arborists will affirm it when they arrive onsite on the working day of the assistance. If we just can’t quote you centered on pics, you will get the closing cost right after a study. In some instances, the study and the actual assistance can be done on the same working day, but owing to availability, commonly, they are scheduled individually.
  3. A team of two professional experts will get there on the scheduled working day and time to comprehensive the appointed career. Make absolutely sure to present entry to your assets and to guarantee a parking place. Retain in thoughts that the equipment the workforce delivers are rather heavy and the parking space shouldn’t be much from your assets.
  4. The authorities will park and put together the machines to total the job. A single of the arborists will climb up the tree, even though the other one will enable him by passing on equipment and chopping the greenery. Observe that there isn’t an selection to ship only a single male, simply because the nature of the company does not allow it.
  5. All green squander can be removed upon request and supplemental payment.

Note: Tree surgery is just as essential as garden maintenance, so if you ebook this company as effectively, we may be equipped to carry out it in one working day.

Tree Surgeons in Dublin

Seeking to hire a tree surgeon in Dublin? You came to the appropriate location. Good Fellers is a household operate tree surgery enterprise, supplying an substantial variety of tree surgery products and services for clients all around the county.

Our Dublin tree surgeons have unrivalled working experience in tree treatment and upkeep and have been operating in the arboricultural market for more than 10 many years. We have a €5 million general public liability insurance plan and have out all tree will work to the British Expectations (BS3998).

We run various groups of arborists, which consist of climbers and groundsmen. Every workforce member is fully competent and has all pertinent NPTC skills, guaranteeing all operates are carried out to the highest probable benchmarks with nominal disruption.

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